Website Maintenance

Stay Current. Stay Secure.

Focus on your business instead.

Do you ever wish you had more time to do what you love? Here’s a solution:

Free Up Some Time

You and your staff can focus on your core business and hand off your website updates to a partner who is reliable and professional.

WordPress Updates

When it comes to WordPress, there is no content management system that is more user-friendly, which is why we use it as our preferred platform. But, when it comes to updating themes and plugins, it is best left to the developer.

Updates can typically run smoothly, but you never know when an update will throw your website into a tailspin. Prior to any update, a website professional will be sure to backup all necessary files just in case your website has a bad reaction to some new code.

Why Maintenance Is Important

Staying Current

Your website is a living thing. If you’re not updating your website on a regular basis, Google will assume you’re on your way out and will begin to bury your website in the search results. Stay current and stay with the competition by keeping things updated!

Keep It Safe

Outdated plugins and old code can open your website to serious vulnerabilities. It is super important that your WordPress plugins and themes are updated as needed. The reason these updates exist are because the programmers are constantly patching holes and locking things down (in addition to simply adding newer and better features)

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– wayne dyer