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Free website builders are great – until you start pulling your hair out and realize you’re drinking waaaay too much coffee!

Set New Goals

What is your time really worth?  Free website builders might be great while you are trying to figure out the functions of your business, but when you have a real business serving real customers you’ll find your time much better spent doing what you do best – running your business.

Website design involves more than just creating a great look/feel for your website. There is flow, functionality, and security to consider as well. This is why it is important to get creative people involved, such as Helpful Website. Our website designers are not ‘just’ designers. They are also developers who understand the principles of creating a website that not only looks great, but also gets results.

Let’s See Some Results!

Consistency In Branding

If you are an established business, chances are you already have established marketing items such as a logo, letterhead and brochures. It is important when designing your website that we maintain a consistency throughout all of these valuable marketing tools.

Clear and Consistent Navigation

Don’t let your visitors get lost within your site.  If they cannot easily find their way around, you are likely to lose them!

Keeping It Clean

Cluttered websites are hard to read and difficult to navigate. White space will make your online visitors experience clear and allow areas of primary focus stand out without causing visual confusion.

Some Of Our Work

Maine Coast Marine Products specializes in creating quality fleece fender covers and other quality customized boating products. Helpful Website worked with them to create a fresh new WordPress site that features it’s own customized shopping cart. Customers can personalize their embroidery options to send in their product request which is then hand-made to order.

Jim Godbout Plumbing & Heating has grown considerably over the years. In 2019 they moved to a newly renovated location and we updated their website to reflect the changes taking place.  We streamlined their complex navigation, gave the staff tools to make regular updates and added conditionally formatting so that their online form is sent to the appropriate team members. On the home page, visitors can view a video of Jim at Maine Live in his efforts to reduce drug addiction in his community.

Professional ADHD Life Coach Sheri Hall-Miller was looking for full integration of social and traditional marketing tools for her coaching business. From email capture to help build her list of followers to booking online appointments and marketing assistance, we put in place tools for success.

If you are a professional or college student looking for a Life Coach that specializes in ADHD, visit to get details about FREE first session with Sheri!

Paradise Park is a long-time client of Helpful Website. We redesigned their website in 2017 by customizing a theme built on a WordPress Platform.  This is a campground located in Old Orchard Beach, Maine and they do a great job at interacting with their guests socially – so we were able to pull in their Instagram feed to keep things interesting on the homepage page. They are very popular with Canadian tourists, so it was also essential to include Google language translation.

Great images and playful messaging bring everything it all together.

Universal Finance Corp. came to Helpful Website after realizing they wanted more than what the free resources of had to offer. We gave their online presence new life with a focus on creating an obvious call to action for visitors interested in their financial services.  The branding and messaging of this website was a result of great collaboration with their team.

As with all websites we create, ultimately it is YOUR business we are representing. It’s a great thing when we all work together to achieve the desired results!

Helpful Website was honored to be chosen to redesign the website for the Newington Police Department of New Hampshire.

We reorganized their content to create a better visitor experience while also making their website responsive. We also worked with the administrative team to create a workflow to upload daily police logs in a format that works with their infrastructure.

Skaff needed the ability to allow their customers to log in to view the status of their current inventory. Helpful Website made it happen in a way that is easy for their staff on the back-end.

When clients need advanced solutions, we provide detailed user instructions and provide continued support to make sure everything goes as planned.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

– picasso