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It recently came to my attention that a friend of mine received a phone call at their home from a person claiming to be from a company that needed to help them with their computer. They did not have any issues with their computer that they were aware of and immediate red flags went off.

The person calling claimed that there was “an update” required on their PC. They also stated that they would need their login information in order to provide support and apply the required updates. First off, the person did not have a PC, they own a Mac. So, the person didn’t truly know who they were calling. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, no computer company would ever call you to update your computer.

Under NO circumstances should you provide a person you have never met with the access information to your computer or email. This is a scam where the predator will call unsuspecting and vulnerable individuals in hopes to gain access to their personal computer in order to gain access to private account information such as banking, financials and so forth.

I’m considerably concerned about the older folks that might fall prey to this type of phone call. Please be aware and let your loved ones know they should never give out their personal and private information to allow anyone to remotely access their computer. This can save them some major headaches and keep their private information safe.

I think a good rule of thumb for people is this: If you need a service or some support – you are in the driver’s seat. You will be the one reaching out for help, not the other way around.