Time For Spring Cleaning!


It’s finally springtime here in New England and now is a great time to review your website to make sure everything is up to date. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some items that are important for a successful web presence.

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Change Is Important

From a SEO standpoint, changing up your website matters. Your website is a living representation of your business and if it is not being updated on a regular basis – it has flatlined. Regularly contributing content and making changes tells the search engines your website is being tended to. It’s alive and worthy of being indexed. Not updating your site, or updating it only once a year will impact your search rankings and leave you in the dust.

From a potential customer standpoint, changing up your website matters.
Your website can be the first impression you make on a customer. If it is outdated and difficult to navigate  or cumbersome to view on a smartphone you’ll again miss out on potential revenue.

Staff & Services

Life happens and things change. If your team has changed or if you have expanded your service offerings, it’s super important to make sure you reflect the most current reflection of that on your website. Even if it’s just updating current photos or refreshing the details.

Marketing Tie-Ins

If you have been actively marketing your business you need to make sure your website is conveying the same messages. For a marketing plan to be effective, there has to be continuity across the board from print to your website to social media. Now is a great time to get things in sync and create a plan moving forward so that these efforts are succinct. Helpful Website can easily work with your marketing and advertising specialists to roll a business campaigns into your  web presence.