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Unsolicited Support Phone Calls

SCAM ALERT! It recently came to my attention that a friend of mine received a phone call at their home from a person claiming to be from a company that needed to help them with their computer. They did not have any issues with their computer that they were aware of...

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Bulk Email Advice

I often get the question from clients about whether or not they can use their email application (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) to send out bulk newsletters. In short, the answer is "No", and here are just a few reasons why: Email Limitations & Blocking Typically an email...

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What Is “The Cloud”

No, it's not a mysterious collection of data floating around aimlessly in the sky. They have been around since the Internet began. The term "Cloud Computing" sounds more complicated than what it really is. It's just a name that describes a group of servers on the...

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Great Logo Design

One of the first questions we typically ask a new client is: "do you have a logo?" The reason we ask this question is because it will help us to identify your brand and create a website that is consistent with the image you are developing for your business. It is a...

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Mobile Website vs Responsive

As smart phones and tablets become more popular, should you consider building a mobile website or a responsive website to accommodate this growing audience? Here is some information to help you make a smart decision: 1. A Separate Mobile Website A Mobile Site is an...

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Facebook Safety

Facebook is the world's most popular networking site. At a rate of 1,000,000,000 + users, it's not going away any time soon. Many users have a few close "friends", and even more see friends as a way of collecting tokens. It doesn't matter how well they know the...

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Smart Data Hogs

Applications along with social networking, high definition cameras, gaming, and e-mail  among other things, are true data hogs as our smartphones have practically become handheld personal computers in our pockets. Anyone with a smartphone is comfortable with the term...

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10 Tips To Prevent Spam

Spam is probably one of the most annoying things most people have to deal with on a daily basis when it comes to having an email account. We've assembled some helpful tips so you can keep that unwanted, unsolicited email to a minimum: Let's start with prevention. The...

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Domain Registry of America Scam Letter

We have had several clients throughout the years who have contacted us regarding "phoney bills" relating to domain names they have registered. The letters come from "Domain Registry of America" or "Domain Renewal Group" and they really look like a bill indicating that...

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Setting Up Your New Email Account

Clients of Helpful Website Hosting Services typically have access to POP accounts. Here are the basic instructions to get your email application set up. Before you start you will need: Your email address: Your email password. Your server...

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“Life is an adventure. It’s not a package tour.”

– eckhart tolle