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Cutting The Cord With Cable

Cutting The Cord With Cable For years our household was paying an average of $250/month for our cable "package". That package included internet, a phone line and of course, cable. Our cable package contained more channels than we would ever need or watch, but we had...

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Smart Water Choices

Smarter Water Choices Like many Americans, we were consuming A LOT of bottles of water each week. While it's just two of us in our household, we are active and drink a lot of water. Week after week we were purchasing cases of water at the supermarket and lugging them...

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Facebook Safety – Part 2

Facebook Safety - Part 2 April 4, 2018 Facebook is currently under fire for some serious data privacy issues. In short, a U.K. based political data analytics firm procured the personal data of over 50 million users without their knowledge or consent. It wasn't a...

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Our New Hosting Partner!

Website Hosting Partner November 1, 2017 Helpful Website is excited to announce a new partnership with Maine Hosting Solutions. Based in Bath, Maine, Maine Hosting Solutions has been in business since 1996. They host thousands of websites and have a reputation for...

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Facebook For Business

Facebook For Business You're starting a new business and getting your marketing plan in place. Now, it's time to get socially connected and Facebook seems like a great place to start. The difference between a Personal Profile vs. a Business Page A Facebook Profile is...

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Powerful Talk at Maine Live

Powerful Talk at Maine Live Death from substance abuse has no bias.  A client and friend of Helpful Website Jim Godbout of Jim Godbout Plumbing and Heating knows—over the years, he has lost 44 friends and fellow community members to substance abuse. Listen as Jim...

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#ShareKindness Being kind is a simple way to give back to the world. One simple act of kindness can change a persons entire day, and ultimately their life. I think anyone can recall a moment in time where you were having a less-than-perfect day, when one simple...

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Cell Phone Safety

Cell Phone Safety A common decision for parents is figuring out what is the right age to give their kids a cell phone. There are many components that go into the decision making process and every parent / child relationship is different. One thing to know is that a...

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QR Code 411

What is a QR Code? Short for Quick Response Code, a QR Code is a matrix barcode. It's a black and white pixelated image that appears on packaging and advertising. Similar to a UPC barcode, a QR code system can be scanned with your smartphone to quickly take you to a...

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Changing / Adding A Facebook Page Admin

Over the years I have seen businesses change hands and organizations that change board members. When these types of changes take place, it is important to properly transfer ownership or allow access to the business or organizational Facebook pages. Here is how you do...

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iPhone 7 Frenzy

Available September 16, 2016, with limited colors available as the jet black is already sold out during pre-orders weeks earlier. People longing for the latest iPhone can order online at to expect an availability date for the first week of October for...

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Unless you are living under a rock, you have been hearing "hashtag" being tossed around a lot lately. Not everyone knows what it means or what purpose it serves, so let me explain it to you in very simple terms. The #hashtag is a metadata tag and a...

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“Life is an adventure. It’s not a package tour.”

– eckhart tolle