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If you are an existing hosting client of Helpful Website and you feel you have been inundated with junk mail, there are things we can do. If we handle your email (in some cases businesses will utilize and exchange server in-house) we have spam filters on our servers to help cut down the level of spam you receive.

We do not put the spam filters in place automatically.
Filtering out your email is a sensitive topic, as you always run the risk of missing out on legitimate emails depending on how tight your filters need to be. In most cases we can set the filter to eliminate the most obvious spam. With additional teamwork, we can set up the filters to be flagged as “spam” so that you have control on your end to filter them out yourself. A last resort is that we can transition you to a new email address.
Contact us today to discuss the best spam solution for you.

There are many reasons you can experience a spike in junk mail. The first line of defense in any case is to know how spam happens. Read our article on 10 Tips To Prevent Spam.