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Available September 16, 2016, with limited colors available as the jet black is already sold out during pre-orders weeks earlier. People longing for the latest iPhone can order online at to expect an availability date for the first week of October for the next batch. Expect a base price of $649 – $849 for the basic iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus starts at whopping $769.

What’s new for iPhone 7?

The updates from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 are slight. The biggest improvement (for me) is it’s protection against water. There is also a slightly longer battery life, a better camera and faster processing. For the lower price, and for the financially savvy, suddenly the iPhone 6 remains a very attractive option.

Is it worth it?

Apple enthusiasts, as usual, will wait in line, pre-order and pay the price without blinking an eye. Even the young adults and teens will find a way to convince their parents that they “need” one or, in some cases, spend every last dime or roll the financing into their monthly cell phone bill so that they can say they are a proud owner of the latest and greatest device put out by Apple.

Yes, smart phones are just like mini-computers these days. They give us access to do just about everything we can do on a laptop while remaining mobile. But, the question is: Is the iPhone worth it?
The answer is relative and you are paying for the brand. If you are a working professional the purchase can be easily justified, but more and more Americans are being weighed down with the costs associated with smart phones in general, you simply need to consider if this is a “want” or a “need”. The truth is: the iPhone (any model) is a “want”. It is common to feel the social pressure which then makes you think you ‘need’ the latest and greatest, but be realistic. There are many smart phones available on the market today for every budget through a wide variety of carriers. If owning a brand new, state-of-the-art, its-totally-new-until-the-next-version-gets-released-which-happens-every-year $700 iPhone makes you happy and you can afford it without having to cut back on necessities for your household or family, or creating any financial stress on the family budget, by all means, enjoy!