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One of the first questions we typically ask a new client is: “do you have a logo?”
The reason we ask this question is because it will help us to identify your brand and create a website that is consistent with the image you are developing for your business. It is a critical element for all of your marketing efforts, including your website.

We have seen and created many logos through the years and wanted to provide you with a few tips regarding what makes a great logo.

First off, a logo is like a flag for your business. It is something that sets you apart from your competitors and should stand out alone and should be easily recognized. A great logo is distinctive and simple in form.

Keep It Simple
Your logo should be able to be printed at any size as well as still be effective when in black and white form. Simple logos can be easily recognized and very memorable. Think of the Nike Swish or the McDonald’s Golden Arches. Logos that are more complicated, contain too much detail or are light weight in structure simply will loose quality when reproduced at different sizes and loose it’s effectiveness.

Your logo should be scalable so that it can look great on something as small as a pen or as large as a billboard. If you are in the process of having a new logo created – test it out an every size. Does it still stand out when it is reduced down to one inch? If not, you should go back to the drawing boards.

Don’t Follow Trends
Your logo should also be timeless. Try not to get wrapped up in current trends. Trends come and go with the seasons and you’ll want to be able to identify with your audience for years to come. Make sure your logo rises above these trends and fits a more timeless structure.

No Need To Be Obvious
The design does not need to represent exactly what a company does. For example, a restaurant logo does not need to have a piece of food, a furniture store does not have to include a piece of furniture. It’s a creative interpretation that stands out. Just as Apple’s logo is not a computer and the Mercedes logo isn’t a car.

Get A Professional
Your logo is such an important part of what your business represents. Handing it off to an amateur can result in an unprofessional logo, which is how it will be associated with your business. Start with a professional logo and you can avoid problems with reproduction processes or the downtime and adjustment of having a new logo created down the road. Ultimately you want to be able to build your brand once and remain consistent, not reinventing your logo and your business in a couple of years down the road.
A finalized logo should be available in Vector format, if your designer does not know what that is, you need to find someone else.

Don’t Use Stock Art
Be unique and original. Using stock art in your logo could possibly get you into legal trouble if you are incorporating it into your logo. A professional designer will be aware of this.