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Facebook Safety – Part 2

April 4, 2018 Facebook is currently under fire for some serious data privacy issues. In short, a U.K. based political data analytics firm procured the personal data of over 50 million users without their knowledge or consent. It wasn’t a “hack” per se, but Cambridge Analytica purposely programmed a quiz that quietly harvested the personal information they were after in the background. They used this data to push their own political agenda… creating ads that led to users to bogus articles that fed their agenda. All of this will play out in court and in the news, but this breach of trust brings the safety of Facebook back to the forefront from my earlier Facebook Safety post. While there are apps and technical account settings that make it seem like Facebook should be held accountable for any privacy issues, the responsibility of what private information is “out there” ultimately falls in the hands of the user. Pay attention to your security settings, and when anything is in question – simply pause before posting. You can’t regret posting something if you never posted it in the first place.

! Your Child’s Safety

On another Rossen Report, Jeff and a cyber safety expert showed how easy it was to go through one mom’s social media accounts and figure out their child’s name, their birthdate, where they went to school, what time they got out of school, the name of  and even their after school social habits… and they weren’t even “friends”.  She was able to figure this out by simply putting together the information they were innocently posting about their day.


This video from Jeff Rossen has some very important tips regarding the information that can be shared (in most cases you probably didn’t even know you were sharing it) and how to prevent it.

“Not all who wander are lost.”

– j. r. r. tolkien