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Facebook For Business

You’re starting a new business and getting your marketing plan in place.
Now, it’s time to get socially connected and Facebook seems like a great place to start.

The difference between a Personal Profile vs. a Business Page

A Facebook Profile is a personal account on Facebook. When you sign up for Facebook you get a Profile. A Facebook Profile allows you to find and request “friends”, or accept/decline incoming requests to be “friends”.  You grow your community by adding friends and family members, and then communicate on a personal level, and share photos, videos, and life updates.

When it comes to running a business, Facebook offers Business Pages. You can set up a business page through your personal profile. You can set up as many as you would like. As the business owner you can also delegate “managers” to help to keep your Business Page up to date. You can add and revoke permissions for managers of your business page. A Business Page also provides you with tools that are not available with your personal profile.

More reasons to start your Facebook Business Page:

  • #1 – IMPORTANT – Using a Facebook Profile as a business account is a violation of Facebook terms of service. Facebook can delete it without warning.
  • Businesses get “likes”, while a personal page has “friends”. In order to have ‘friends’ you have to reach out to individuals personally or accept / decline requests. “Friends” require much more effort from both parties, while anyone can “like” a page and be instantly connected with their stream of information.
  • Keep your personal life private. You do not want to share your personal life with your potential customers. Business is business, and mixing it with your personal sharing will not give you the results you need for a business in a professional manner that will ultimately build trust in your brand.
  • A business page gives you the ability to post your hours, launch events, run contests and put your business on the map.
  • Advertising tools. Facebook has advertising tools available for business pages which help you to generate targeted audiences and measure the success of your marketing efforts via Facebook Insights.


If you’re running a business and want to advertise and build your brand on Facebook, you need to set up a Facebook Business Page, not a personal profile for your business.

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– j. r. r. tolkien