Choosing A Website Designer

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Let us help you with this.

If you feel like you’re getting lost in the technical double-talk, it’s probably not a good fit.

It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

Potentially, your website is THE advertisement for your business on a worldwide stage. Choosing the right website development firm is an important decision. We want to help you find the right match. (even if it’s not us, interesting, right?)

Different website design firms can offer very different services, from e-commerce to social media marketing. You’ll want to make sure you’re teaming up with someone that can meet whatever unique demands your business calls for.

How confident would you feel about a potentially huge customer finding your company on the Internet and arriving at a website designed by your next door neighbor’s teenage son that has a poor layout with ill-defined navigation and low-quality graphics? Such a scenario will decrease consumer confidence in your business overall, not just on the Internet! If your customers don’t feel comfortable and feel your company website isn’t professional, they may not come back. If you make a good impression the first time by having a professional website, customers will continue to return.

Things To Consider

The Right Fit

A web development firm should become an integral part of your business team.
You will want to find a firm that employs professionals who speak in terms you can understand, maintain a “can-do” attitude and want to be in the picture for the long haul. When interviewing a web development firm ask for referrals – and follow up on them.

Compare Apples To Apples

Be sure to have a solid outline of what you would like your website to contain. Literally. Have a sense of how many pages you ‘think’ you will require and note any added functionality. If you are not sure of what your options are or what online tools will best suit your industry then you can hire a website consultant to work with you to create an outline which you can then take to various firms to compare apples to apples. Hiring a website consultant for this purpose ensures the development firm understands your needs. Helpful Website does provide this service, contact us today to get started.

You Get What You Pay For

Now that you have something to compare, it is important to add that we DO NOT recommend simply choosing the cheapest proposal. Very often this will result in the cheapest work. A website is one of the most important marketing vehicles which you possess in today’s business world, take the time to carefully weigh your decision. There are thousands of designers out there looking to make a quick buck on unwary clients, don’t be the one to donate to that cause. Sloppy programming and an overall lack of quality service will leave you feeling disappointed with your new presence.

Some Of Our Work

Paradise Park is a long-time client of Helpful Website. We redesigned their website in 2017 by customizing a theme built on a WordPress Platform.  This is a campground located in Old Orchard Beach, Maine and they do a great job at interacting with their guests socially – so we were able to pull in their Instagram feed to keep things interesting on the homepage page. They are very popular with Canadian tourists, so it was also essential to include Google language translation.

Great images and playful messaging bring everything it all together.

Skaff needed the ability to allow their customers to log in to view the status of their current inventory. Helpful Website made it happen in a way that is easy for their staff on the back-end.

When clients need advanced solutions, we provide detailed user instructions and provide continued support to make sure everything goes as planned.

Helpful Website was honored to be chosen to redesign the website for the Newington Police Department of New Hampshire.

We reorganized their content to create a better visitor experience while also making their website responsive. We also worked with the administrative team to create a workflow to upload daily police logs in a format that works with their infrastructure.

Universal Finance Corp. came to Helpful Website after realizing they wanted more than what the free resources of had to offer. We gave their online presence new life with a focus on creating an obvious call to action for visitors interested in their financial services.  The branding and messaging of this website was a result of great collaboration with their team.

As with all websites we create, ultimately it is YOUR business we are representing. It’s a great thing when we all work together to achieve the desired results!

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

– picasso