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Over the years I have seen businesses change hands and organizations that change board members. When these types of changes take place, it is important to properly transfer ownership or allow access to the business or organizational Facebook pages. Here is how you do that:

If you want to transfer your Facebook PAGE to another person or account the first thing you need to do is make sure they are a Facebook Friend or have Liked your PAGE. If they haven’t yet done this, ask them to do so.

Next, you will need to go to the PAGE you would like to provide access to.

  • Go to the PAGE and click Settings > Page Roles.
  • Start typing the person’s name In the space provided. Their profile should appear, click on the profile to place it in the box.
  • Select the role you would like to give them: Admin (or Editor if you are not giving them full control of the page) from the drop down menu then click Add.

They will then receive an email asking them to confirm/accept your invitation to manage the Facebook page. They will need to follow the instructions on that email to complete the process.

If you are sharing the responsibility of managing this page, you can keep your role unchanged. At this point, they will just become an additional person who is able to access your page. This is how it should be done if you are hiring a third party Social Media manager to help with your online presence so you retain ownership / access to your own business page.
* Keep in mind that anyone assigned as Admin of a page can add / remove users, including you.

If you want to relinquish your Admin status, just click “Remove Admin” against your name, and if you wish to leave the PAGE completely, just view the PAGE and click “Unlike“.