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Cell Phone Safety

A common decision for parents is figuring out what is the right age to give their kids a cell phone. There are many components that go into the decision making process and every parent / child relationship is different. One thing to know is that a smart phone gives them access to a very wide variety of communication and content. The tough part is not knowing what content they are accessing or exactly ‘who’ they are communicating with. While we can’t help you determine when is right for your child, we can provide you with some tools to help you feel at ease when they start to use the devices.

Here are a few different kid-safe applications you can download onto your child’s phone so too help you navigate the process and feel better about  how they use the devices.
Communication is key and knowledge is power. TeenSafe is a monitoring service that allows parents to monitor their child’s iPhone or Android smartphone as well as view activity on Instagram, WhatsApp and Kik Messenger. When you sign into TeenSafe, your teen’s smartphone data will be available for you to view. TeenSafe offers complete security. Only you can access your child’s data. Keeps kids safe from viewing unsuitable material online and gives parents the visibility they need. Parents can set restrictions and parental controls on your child’s iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch to monitor their activity and ensure they only see appropriate content.

Companion: Companion lets you reach out to family, friends or your local police and have them keep an eye on you when you’re on the move. The app has an emergency button as well as a “feeling nervous” button when you want to reach out to someone so they know where you are. It also uses the phone’s motions sensors to send out an alert if the phone is dropped or if the headphones are yanked out. Wherever you go, get there safely with a Companion!

MMGuardian: A comprehensive set of device management functions enables you to set rules appropriate for both today and in the future as your child grows and matures. The app is configured and managed remotely from the Parent Web Portal or Parent App. Reports including web sites visited can be also viewed, to gain valuable insights into how your child uses their device.

Want to learn more? Check out this link to the Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Kids Safe Online With Parental Controls.

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