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I often get the question from clients about whether or not they can use their email application (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) to send out bulk newsletters. In short, the answer is “No”, and here are just a few reasons why:

Email Limitations & Blocking
Typically an email software such as Microsoft Outlook will only allow you to send mail to a maximum of 200 email clients at a time. While that might sound perfect for some of the smaller organizations you will want to know your Internet provider can see this kind of traffic going out through their servers and block you thinking there is a spamming issue. If you are blocked by your Internet provider, it can take a lot of time and resources to become “un-blocked”. It really is a headache your business does not need.

Viruses & Malware
Another reason not to use your own email application to send out bulk emails is the security. If your computer ever becomes compromised everyone in your email list is now susceptible to becoming the recipient of a virus or malware as they are typically designed to spread through email.

Data Loss
Picture this: You have been working on collecting email addresses in your email program for a year. One day, you walk into your office and realize your computer will not boot up and you do not have a backup process in place. All of those email addresses are gone. If you utilize one of the many third-party email services you wouldn’t even need to break a sweat. Your data will still be there, waiting to send out your next email blast.

This is a law created due to the excess complaints of receiving spam. This law requires the senders of bulk mail to be forthcoming in who they are and what they represent. It also states that  the recipient of any commercial mailing must be provided with an easy way to “opt-out”, which is to be honored within a very specific time frame. It also states that if you hand this responsibility to another individual or firm, you, as a business owner, are still responsible for the mailings.

There Are Great Tools Available
Helpful Website highly recommends Constant Contact to our clients. In addition to being in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, Constant Contact offers a very affordable way to manage your email campaigns. You can create several “groups” for your mailings, have access to lots of free templates to make your mailings look professional or seasonal and you can also track the success of your campaigns by seeing how many emails have been opened or ignored.